I Frickin' Love Enter the Gungeon!

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I Frickin' Love Enter the Gungeon!

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Review I posted on steam http://store.steampowered.com/recommend ... ame/311690 quoted here:
I haven't fallen in love with a game this quickly since Portal. When I first tried this game, I was cautiously optimistic. I've played a lot of games that looked like something I love but never _felt_ right. My ultimate goal has always been to find a game that I can love as much as Crimsonland (which, counting the original 2003 release, I've probably dumped 900 hours into).

Enter the Gungeon has decent rogue-like aspects. I've played a bunch of Rogue Legacy and nethack. Loved both. This game isn't as deep in rogueisms as those are and that's okay. It's still got that same aura -- even if the mechanical specifics don't add up.

Enter the Gungeon has excellent atmosphere. The designers nailed it on the humor and theme. It's got all the fantasy RPG tropes that take me back to my days of playing AD&D at the table as well as door games on the BBS -- and wraps it all in the satirical gun-centered theme. The game never jumps the shark and you have to admire them for not breaking character at all in the course of the game.

Enter the Gungeon has darn-near immaculate gameplay. Not kidding here. When I first played CrossCode, the intro sequence blew my mind with how much fun the core gameplay was. But then they piled the JRPG cruft on top of that gameplay concept and I lost interest. Enter the Gungeon has the same kind of core gameplay without the cruft so for me, it's pretty much like freebasing liquid joy.

My gaming rig recently died (hard disk blew out) and the only thing I've missed since then has been Enter the Gungeon. Only time will tell but I suspect that this game will end up sitting on the throne of my heart for a decade.
This game makes me moist.

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