Recs on a notebook/netbook?

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Recs on a notebook/netbook?

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Hey guys, I am looking to get a new notebook/netbook.

Things I am looking for:

Spending less than $1000 ideally

I do NOT want a Tablet. I would like an attached keyboard. I don't have strong feelings one way or the other about touchscreens, but if it means it is going to cost extra or be traded out for performance, I would rather not have it.

Don't need a DVD drive.

Not too heavy, 3-4 lbs range more or less

reasonably durable (I hear Lenovos break easily so I am wary of them. If this is not true, then ok, but I seem to see things about them not being as sturdy, and if I am going to be traveling with this computer I don't want it to get borked shortly after purchase)

maybe something that can play some games via Steam decent-ish? I don't need to run Teh Best Gamex0rs Evar but maybe some low key graphics stuffs.

Don't need a ton of HD space. I would be open to a SSD. Minimum probably 256gb.

Windows 10 is preferable.

If it helps, my main use for this is to have a small-ish, portable lightweight thing to travel with to use for email, web browsing, some typing/office type applications, and maybe light gaming as above.

Thoughts? Recommendations on specific models or serieses?

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