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So this is a forum, it is a phpbb forum at that. Not my first choice, for a CWAL forum, but it will have to do for now. After seeing the RR slow down even more over the last few weeks, and recently realizing that several other people have stopped posting on the RR in the last few months. I decided it was time that at least something was made available as "a sheltering port in the storm" as it was for those who chose to boycott the RR.

This forum has been structured into three subforums, much to my regret, but it has been done so to address what I consider to be the primary use cases for the RR.

The Front Lobby is for the more "whimsical" and harmless content of CWAL, the stories, arranging for games, discussing games, and other content that should be low controversy and not likely to result in anybody trying to do things to another's face.

Conference Center is for the more robust discussions, but ones that are still expected to remain civil and "reasonably" sociable and socially acceptable(as much as anyone in CWAL can agree as to where that line may be).

Horkthane's Bar and Grill as it's title suggests for those who remember where its origin is from, is pretty much a free-for all. Bots and unregistered users shouldn't even be able to see that it exists. Various and sundry registered users should only be able to see that it exists. In order to view its contents, and post/reply/interact in there, there is a user group "The Goggles Do Nothing" (Username -> User Control Panel -> Usergroups) which has an open membership policy at this time, which will allow you to venture forth into it.