Ways to abuse a zone file.

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Ways to abuse a zone file.

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Brings this on.

Is there a reliable utility/console/service out there that is open source or otherwise free(or nearly so) to use that I could give control of the rooms.cwal.net zonefile(or any other zonefile for that matter) over to such that I could then basically initialize the thing, add user accounts for each child domain and only grant administrative rights to a specific child sub-domainsas as desired?

My quick search turned up some that look to be all or nothing propositions, which doesn't suit my tastes, as that's horribly insecure even if it is restricted to that one zone.

Basically I want to be able to keep deamon.rooms.cwal.net under my exclusive control. But I want to be able to (for example) give Ravil (and/or possibly someone he so designates, as he'd probably not want to manage it himself) the ability to edit the DNS pointers for Ravil.rooms.cwal.net so he can aim it wherever he so desires without also empowering him to edit pointers for somebody else in the process.

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